Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct are merging

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct are merging

Facebook Messenger chats are now merging with Instagram’s direct messages for access to both the platforms and ease its users. Both the chats will be operating simultaneously so that Facebook and Instagram users can view both inboxes from same place.

Facebook has started this option to access to Instagram Direct messages with its messenger inbox to send messages across platforms. Instagram users are getting this notification on opening the app with a pop-up“There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram.”

The notice emphasizes on the benefits of merging the two chat platforms with a new colorful look, reply with emojis, swipe to reply messages and interact with Facebook friends.

Get ready for an entirely new outlook when you update your Instagram with this feature. Instagram Direct will start to look more like a Facebook messenger with an icon on the right which is a messenger icon.

This is completely optional for people who like to keep both the apps simple and separate. Those who want to merge can update this new feature on their phones.

This update seems to be more useful to Instagram users who are not very active on Facebook and keep them in touch with their friends and family via messenger. So, no compromise for either user, they can communicate on both platforms without leaving one of them. Facebook has been working on this since 2019 about merging messaging products.

Facebook spokesperson said to ‘they want to build best-messaging experience for its users who want it fast, reliable, and private.’ We enable cross-platform messaging to make it easier to reach your friends and family.

Facebook wanted to launch this in early 2020 but due to the pandemic, things got delayed and Facebook focus shifted to live streaming. Due to increased demand of live sessions in COVID-19, Facebook had to pause on other projects.

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