K-electric CEO name and shamed by Supreme Court

K-electric CEO name and shamed by Supreme CourtK-electric CEO name and shamed by Supreme Court

After the disturbing events caused by recent rain spells in Karachi, Supreme Court orders audit of KE. They are asked to seek out the matter of power supply and end the load shedding in metropolis till August 13, 2020.

Supreme Court asked for complete details about power supply capacity, current electricity generation and its demand in Karachi city. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Gulzar Ahmed headed a three-member bench and took notice of unbearable deaths by electrocution and load-shedding in the city.

SC is taking serious actions against the KE officials regarding their incapability to deliver. The lives of innocent people are at stake and this is high time that KE starts improving.  KE CEO Moonis Alvi and NEPRA Chairman Tauseef H Farooqi appeared before the court  on strict notice by the court.

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Chief Justice of Pakistan demands a complete audit of the company and wants KE CEO name to be put on ECL. He further warned KE to be prepared for every kind of accountability by the authorities.

Supreme court said to lodge FIR against KE officials on the death cases caused by their negligence. The cases of deaths caused by electrocution in the city of lights should be registered against K-electric officials.

KE’s counsel in defense said before the court the reasons of maintenance shutdown to be power theft. CJP is not at all satisfied with the lame excuses of theft behind these shortcomings.

SC also issued orders for the removal of all billboards in the city which caused severe damage and havoc in the city.

KE CEO Moonis Alvi claimed that KE had invested Rs2.5billion in 10 years with power generated at least 1,000MW. Chief Justice angrily told them “You people only talk and do no work”. He asked them to understand the feelings of common people and their losses caused by the power outages.

Nepra chairman told that KE takes stay orders and no action takes place against them. To which court asked for all the details of stay orders related to KE.

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