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NCC not in favor of complete Lockdown

Imran Khan addressed in a press conference that Pakistan will not undergo complete lockdown again. National Coordination Committee (NCC) is against imposing a complete lockdown in the country and decided to impose smart lockdown instead. The SOPS and policies would be strictly implemented under the announcement of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

Due to sudden increase in Covid-19 cases in Pakistan, NCC has made this decision of reimplementing the lockdown. Before that when cases went down, people started roaming freely and attended gatherings due to which it spread again. The NCOC issued a notice that SOPs are followed at public places and all the markets, shops, public offices and restaurants ensure to reduce their time of operations.

NCC imposed Smart Lockdown

The NCC took decision of smart lockdown along with the consent of Prime Minister Imran Khan. They also agreed on implementing decisions imposed by NCOC.

NCC meeting commenced on Tuesday, was attended by all four chief ministers via video conference.

As per official announcement, the country’s stakeholders must maintain a balance in controlling the corona cases and basic necessity of living. PM Imran Khan advised to increase the hospital care facilities to fight in odd times.

PM has called out NCOC to advise a suitable action formula after consulting with the stakeholders. The NCOC is asked to issue all the recommended guidelines for future.

In a media briefing, PM told that the government has come to a conclusion to continue businesses and industries’ operations in this second spell of spike in Covid-19 cases. He said, “We will run the businesses and industries, but with SOPs.”

PM Imran Khan warned the public with examples of Iran and India where the cases are worse. He advised everyone to wear masks properly in public places and avoid careless attitude. PM told that ,Pakistan was the only country in subcontinent which came out swiftly with the Covid-19 period of rise. The whole world appreciated our efforts and we also ranked high with rise in exports among the subcontinent.

All Official Meetings Cancelled

The National Assembly and Senate secretariats announced that all the official meetings scheduled between Nov 4 to Nov 9 are cancelled. The decision was implemented on account of an exponential rise in corona cases in the country.NA secretariat will undergo disinfection process and remain closed till Nov 6.

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