Pakistan included in Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

Pakistan included in Coronavirus Vaccine TrialsPakistan included in Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

China is undergoing coronavirus vaccine trials developed by a unit of the state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).Pakistan is also included in the list of on-going trials which is country’s first-ever clinical trial of its kind. Pakistan’s regulators have approved Pase-3 clinical trials of a Chinese based vaccine against coronavirus.

The National Health of Institute in Pakistan said that clinical trials are already being taken on volunteers in China, Russia, Chile, and Argentina. Saudi Arabia will also take part. The vaccine testing is facilitated by WHO and each participant in the trial is compensated with Rs.50,000.

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Pakistan linked in this important vaccine trial is significant as this would help in the long-run. If this coronavirus vaccine trial is successful, Pakistan’s inclusion will be fruitful as it is hopeful to be provided the vaccine at affordable rates.

The vaccine will be tested on 200 volunteers in Karachi and administered with an inactivated virus vaccine. In UAE, it has already been tested on thousands of people. In phase 3 trials, scientists administer the effects of vaccines on people infected with the virus compared to those who receive a placebo. This trial is claimed to show rare side effect evidence as well which were missed out in earlier trials.

It is important to know the genuine consent of participants who volunteer and also beware them with benefits or risks of the vaccination. This whole Phase 3 trial must ensure to maintain high standards of clinical, scientific, and ethical manner.

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