Pakistan’s Independence Day to be celebrated on Jumma-tul-Mubarak

Pakistan’s Independence Day to be celebrated on Jumma-tul-MubarakPakistan’s Independence Day to be celebrated on Jumma-tul-Mubarak

Pakistanis will be celebrating 73rd Independence day this year on Jumma-tul-Mubarak August 14 with full patriotism. The national spirit is building up as the Independence Day is arriving. Pakistani Flags are seen everywhere and everyone is ready to celebrate a special day on August 14, 2020.

Smaller events will be held this year keeping in mind the pandemic situation and SOPs are to be followed strictly all over the country.

National songs are played and the moments are memorized how we got Pakistan with the struggles of our ancestors. This year Independence Day celebration is going to be completely different but the patriotic spirit is in full swing in the youth of our nation.

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On the government level, to present a salute to the martyrs 31 guns will be presented in the Federal Capital Islamabad and 21 guns salute in the Provincial Capital Lahore. Quran will be recited on the start of the day in the mosques for the martyrs of the independence movement.

Moreover, Special prayers will be offered for the country’s safety and long-living. Prayers specifically for the Pak army soldiers serving firmly at the border to protect and safeguard the country’s assets.

The noble events on this day include changing of guards at Mazar-e-Quaid and Allama Iqbal Tomb. On all special government offices, private buildings, recreational spots, and houses national Pakistan Flag will be waving. The nation will express solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris.

Green and white lights and buntings are decorated in the cities on streets and markets and the country is lighted up at night with a beautiful view. The biggest celebration event of Independence Day will take place at the Municipal Committee garden in Jahania, with flag hoisting and Punjab Police march.

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