Rains have exposed the claim of Sindh’s good governance


The recent rain spell created havoc in the metropolis city Karachi. The poor management of Sindh has come in front of everyone due to the disaster that happened in last few days. Many main city roads have been flooded with rainwater mixed with sewerage lines. The people have been through a tough time reaching their destinations in this heavy rainfall. Rains have made a record of a maximum high in August.

Shibli Faraz, minister of information and broadcasting senator told that the government is striving hard in these crucial times to control the inflation and stabilize the supply of basic commodities to the people. Senator further informed in a conference along with the minister of food security and research, Syed Fakhar Imam that Prime Minister wants to make sure that the prices of basic food items are brought down in the interest of the general public.

Imran Khan is well aware of the price hike created in the items of daily use like wheat, sugar, and basic commodities. One of the major reasons for inflation is a shortage of the product in the market which some opportunists did in their favor to increase the prices and maximize their profits.

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Furthermore, Shibli Faraz said that Sindh Government always blames the federal government for the prevailing crisis in Karachi. Sindh government should be held responsible for all the shortcomings in the city and poor infrastructure which causes all the disturbance. The situation in interior Sindh is even poor and the residents are going through difficult phases due to the rain.

Rains have exposed the claim of Sindh’s good governance.

In the rescue of the general public, armed forces have come forward and providing relief to the people in underdeveloped areas in the city. Heavy machinery has been installed by the Army Engineers to stop the water flow from Malir Nadi to the adjoining residential areas. People stranded in low-lying areas have been shifted to safer places by boats.

There are many serious drawbacks in the metropolis which are not structured until any natural disaster comes. It is high time that the Sindh government should take serious actions to control the situation in the city in this difficult time and also for the future.

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