Real Estate Projects in Karachi signs with QR codes to eliminate Illegal Constructions

Real Estate Projects in Karachi signs with QR codes to eliminate Illegal Constructions

Due to the illegal constructions of buildings in Karachi, real estate projects have signed with QR code to provide valuable information to customers. The illegal buildings have become a civic problem iin the city and emerged several issues in the past years.

New system of QR codes is established for the residential and commercial buildings that are under construction. The board will be placed at the construction site displaying the QR code to enable the citizens to check the legal status of their project. The concerned citizens who have invested in a certain project can now update themselves using their smartphones.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah met with a delegation of real estate builders representative association known as Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD). He asked the real estate builders involved in the upcoming projects in the city to ensure this arrangement.

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The Sindh CM presented this idea in relevance to the major civic problems caused by the illegally constructed multi-storied residential-cum-commercial buildings in Karachi. Several poorly constructed buildings caused severe destruction taking the lives of dozens of citizens in Karachi as they collapsed.

The main problems arising from illegal residential or commercial constructions result in abnormal vehicular parking, disturb the sewerage and drainage system, cause water supply shortage, and also waste disposal problems in Karachi.

The CM said on the occasion that illegally constructed buildings had emerged as a major civic problem in Karachi in the last monsoon rain which collapsed drainage system of the whole city. Hence, the government is going to take stern action against this problem. The CM asked the ABAD delegation to issue QR codes for their upcoming residential projects from the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). This will help in proper authorization of upcoming real estate ventures by the SBCA.

Along with the concerned citizens, the installation of boards having QR code will be helpful for the government to be updated about the legal status of any new building and take immediate action against any illegal unauthorized buildings.  He also demanded the SBCA officials to issue QR codes for the already built buildings to help the general public know about their legal status.

The ABAD delegation offered Syed Murad Ali Shah to involve Sindh government in building low budget housing projects for the underprivileged citizens of the society under the scheme of public-private partnership. He accepted the offer and asked the concerned government department to prepare a summary of proposal for its approval by the provincial cabinet.

He ensured that approval procedure from the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency would be simplified for new building projects to provide ease to the concerned builders. All steps will be taken to facilitate the concerned builders to promote construction activity in the city.

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