Corona attacks 1,579 more people in the last 24 hours

Coronavirus Updates from Pakistan

The outreach of Corona infected 1,579 more people in the last 24 hours raising tally to 263,496 confirmed cases. The spread is still critical whereas recovery cases are also applaudable.

There is 77% recovery rate as the corona infected above 2 million patients. There is hope of a better scenario in terms of recovery cases as the businesses are operational and life is resuming its activities with this life-threatening COVID-19.

During this period, patients recovered from coronavirus reaches 204,276 with 5,591 deaths. 46 deaths from complications related to the coronavirus were recorded along with 1,763 critical condition cases.

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In the past 24 hours, 53,652 are undergoing treatment, of whom 298 are serious patients struggling for their lives on vents.

The reported number of cases in the provinces of Pakistan are as follows:

Sindh 112,118

Punjab 89,793,

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 31,890,

Balochistan 11,424,

Islamabad 14,576,

Azad Jammu and Kashmir 1,888

Gilgit Baltistan 1,807.

The health department revealed that 133 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Lahore with 12 more deaths reported in Punjab from this pandemic. Total of 65,436 confirmed cases has been recovered all together in the province.

The study confirms that the pandemic has built people’s trust in and respect for ruling institutions and the governing elite.

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