COVID-19 could contribute in spreading other infectious diseases

Coronavirus Updates (Pakistan)

As per ongoing researches on this global pandemic Coronavirus, news things are coming to light including additional number of deaths. after studies it is revealed that in underdeveloped countries, thousands of people are dying from other infectious diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV. Despite implementing safety measures around the world, these poor countries are facing difficult times in heath systems.

For seeing the impact of this pandemic on the poor countries over the next five years, the study shows that many more lives are at risk over the next five years from these three diseases than from the pandemic itself.

The researchers emphasize on the government role to ensure that people survive with these infectious diseases with necessary diagnosis and treatment even after the health systems are stretching on COVID-19 treatments.

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HIV, tuberculosis and malaria kill close to three million people every year, mostly in under developed countries despite the availability of prevention and effective treatment.

Dozens of people are already risking themselves all over the world by avoiding visits to hospitals out of fear of contacting the virus and the supply of medicines such as anti-retro viral treatments for HIV are stretched.

“In countries with a high malaria burden and large HIV and TB epidemics, even short-term disruptions could have devastating consequences for the millions of people who depend on programmes to control and treat these diseases,” said Timothy Hallett from Imperial College London and paper co-author.

Hence, routine preventive measures must be ensured and implemented to help people from risking their lives with other infectious diseases.

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