SAR TO PKR, 24 August 2020: 1 Saudi Riyal to PKR (Pakistan Rupee)

Saudi Riyal to PKR (SAR TO PKR) Exchange Rate

On Monday (24, August 2020), Today Saudi Riyal to Pakistan Rupee (SAR TO PKR) conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan.

Check the updated Saudi Riyal to PKR Pakistan Exchange Rate Chart as per the open market. Find the latest 1 Saudi Riyal to PKR Exchange Rate today (Updated 24 Aug).

Saudi Riyal To Pakistan Rupee (Riyal Into PKR)

1 SAR 44.8911 PKR
5 SAR 224.455 PKR

Saudi Riyal to PKR (SAR TO PKR) – One Saudi Riyal is worth 44.8911 Pakistani Rupees today, 5 Saudi Riyal buys 224.455 Pakistani Rupees at inter-bank exchange rates.

Moreover, you can check the currency exchange rates of Dollar to PKR, AED TO PKR, USD TO AED etc as well.

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