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Fitrana 2021 Pakistan: Fitrana rates announced for Ramazan 2021

Fitrana 201 Pakistan: Sadqa-e-Fitr which is also known as Fitrana, is the charitable amount for every Muslim who possessses food in excess of their needs. This has to be paid any time after the sighting of the Ramazan moon and before Eid- ul-Fitr prayers.

A Muslim must pay Sadqa_e_Fitr on behalf of himself, his wife, children and any dependents.

Sadqa-e-Fitra in Fiqha-e-Hanafi

Mufti Munib-Ur -Rehman has announced that the amount of Sadqa-e-Fitr for Ramazan 2021 has been set at a minimum of Rs140.

 It has been calculated according to 2kg of flour.

Mufti Munib-Ur -Rehman also said that the real spirit of ‘fitr’ and ‘fidya’ is a two time meal of poor person, so it is better to pay the meal cost of a hotel.

However, those who have the money can pay Fitrana based on more expensive items such as barley, dates, raisins, and cheese.

Here are the fitra calculated for different commodities:

Fitra based on 4kg of barley: Rs320

Fitra based on 4kg of dates: Rs960

Fitra based on 4kg of raisins: Rs1,920

Sadqa-e-Fitra in Fiqha-e-Jafria:

In Fiqha-e-Jafria, Fitra is calculated based on 3kg of produce. It can be calculated based on any of the following products: wheat flour, rice, barley, dates and raisins.

Fitra based on 3kg of flour: Rs220

Fitra based on 4kg of rice: Rs650

Fitrana 2021 Pakistan: Fitrana rates announced for Ramazan 2021

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