MTMIS – How to verify vehicle registration online

MTMIS - Online Vehicle Verification

MTMIS is an online vehicle verification system by the Government of Pakistan to find out Vehicle Registration Details and verify all the relevant information of vehicles all over Pakistan. It stands for Motor Transport Management Information System.

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Why MTMIS Online Verification System?

With Online Verification System, the records of various aspects of motor vehicle laws and automobile taxation are saved on the database over the web. The motor vehicle examinations, integrated computerization of motor vehicle registrations, issuance of route permits, issuance of driving licenses, and fitness certifications, automation of criminal records, and enforcement of traffic rules and laws have all been made online under this system.

How it Helps:

  • It helps increase transparency in vehicle registration and transference, also allows fast communication
  • Increase in revenues
  • Better public service


How To Use?

The system is quite easy to use. You have to simply enter the registration number of the car, and the system goes through the records with your query. However, the following information is given below when you request the details of a particular car or bike.

  • Go to the respective online vehicle verification website of the province following our guidelines on MTMIS Punjab, MTMIS CPLC Sindh, MTMIS Islamabad, MTMIS KPK, and Azad Kashmir
  • Model year
  • Engine number
  • Owner’s name (company or an individual)
  • Tax paid till or tax due from
  • Vehicle body type
  • CPLC Clear or Not (for Sindh)
  • Final Remarks

The above-mentioned information can be very important especially when there is an issue of unpaid tokens or taxes when buying or selling vehicles. Therefore, if the car is not cleared by security agencies, so the details mentioned earlier are very important.

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Unfortunately, online vehicle verification is not available for the residents of Baluchistan yet.

How to check vehicle registration through sms

  1. Go to the new SMS’ option on your phone and write the complete vehicle number, including Alphabets and Numeric values with Year e.g. DEV 09 2678.
  2. Now send this SMS to 9966.
  3. After few minutes you’ll have a complete record of your vehicle.

MTMIS – Online Vehicle Verification and Registration Details

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