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Freelancer License Announcement for UAE citizens, residents and non-residents

Abu Dhabi: Good news for Abu Dhabi Freelancers! Now they can earn a valid ‘Freelancer license’ if they are residents, citizens or even non-residents of UAE. The license will cover 48 type of business activities in the emirate. The announcement has been made by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi.

The criteria to get the freelancer license is to prove their valid skillset. UAE residents will also have to get prior approval if they are already employed in public or private sector. The approval to show if they have chosen similar activity for freelancing than their regular job.

The authorities informed that the freelancer license holders can also apply for residence visa based on this. No office space is required to prove their freelance career. The freelancers can earn license based on their expertise in which they can serve and earn earn online while sitting at home. This remote online employment  is helpful for both the employer and the employee as it saves time and travelling.

This new policy will also help companies to hire people with specific skills or expertise available in the market to perform their job. This will also limit the employment for any specialized task for a short time.

The freelancer license is aimed at boosting income in the country and providing opportunities to housewives, students or retired personnel who can benefit from their lifetime experiences while serving online. The people from different sects can work on vast opportunities available online in the market remotely.

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