Good news for Content writers

Good News for Content Writers as “Your are Demand Of The Future”

Good News for Content Writers: This digital economy, growing faster than the speed of light, is swiftly fading away many old- school jobs. But in this tough and competent period, still you can be demand of the future. As a creative content writer, you don’t need specific courses or degree to make it your bread n butter. Creativity might be tricky or tough, but it has always been rewarding and demand of the period. Simply, Basic English language, and Grammar Rules taught at your college are enough to initiate your further step. On top of that if you are already graduated in mass communication or any journalism courses, it’s going to be an icing on the cake, to help you better understand about ‘Content-writing’.

From industry leaders’ point of view, it has been a pattern for colleges to just provide out-dated courses with degrees like B tech, BBA, BSc.,, etc. These specific courses are the majority in choices of students, but their choices seem to be faded while getting placement in companies, and students tend to become conscious of their decision. Fortunately, this ever growing need of information on the internet before you make a purchase has given new trend to “Content-writing”, and definitely it has given the path to students to make their career in this field without giving much effort like other courses.


Media Industry

There is a major demand for content writers in the media industry as they are the base of every program shown on T.V/ Youtube, and they are known as a ‘script-writer’ or ‘producer’ in terms of media. Content writers are also the requirement of a news website or news portal where they need to produce content for news to be updated on the website.

If the student has the basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will work as a bonus for a content writer, as its majorly required for all the news website nowadays of the competitive world.

IT Industry

IT industry requires a content writer for their companies to write technical content based on their requirement. Although it’s mistaken by students that career opportunities are less but it’s nothing to be worried about, there are lots of work required in content writing job role.

There are many more sectors in IT industries which majorly requires content writer such as Cybersecurity. All the companies of cybersecurity maintain blogs on their website where the content writer used to update the people about cybersecurity required by all companies, agencies, employees, or the whole nation. During COVID- 19 situation, surprisingly; India had a cyber attack in the USA where it became more in demand for everyone’s life to make their work secure. Here the job role of content writer plays a huge role in making people cyber secured by updating blogs during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees working remotely.

PR Industry

If the content writer wants to work in the PR industry they can gain the knowledge of content as well as of Public relations required in this industry, there is also a benefit working in a PR agency is to get exposure to corporates events too.

PR (Public relations) industry requires a content writer for their work-related like the press- releases, writing content for different clients, pitches notes, authored articles, blogs, etc.

Digital Marketing agency

This industry hires content writers for different types of job roles in digital marketing agencies such as Email marketing campaigns, blog writing, SEO marketing. The content writer used to write content for marketing purpose sending a huge amount of people through emails.

Some clients acquired digital marketers to promote their websites and that requires SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) writers who work for the crisp content producer. This industry gives exposure to all different kinds of marketing and here the content writer’s terminology is called a content marketer.

Creative writers

Creative writers are those content writers who are likely to give content in brief or social media, therefore it requires the content in small and crisp. There are a lot of social media platforms where captions are needed to promote their e-commerce sale and that requires a content writer who can work for their products good promoted content.

Nowadays maximum companies are available on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., which majorly focuses to develop a brand image. This is a good opportunity to work with brand companies as a creative writer and make their career in this field.

E-commerce Company

There is a huge demand for content writers in E-commerce companies for reviewing their products, briefing the details of products. The top commercial online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. sell their products online but consumers don’t buy based on the photo shown on the websites, they prefer reading the reviews and descriptions of the products. Therefore, content writing skills can be utilized herein the E-commerce company along with some creativity of making shorts videos.

For some people where the evolution of digital economy has been a threat, depriving them of the jobs; on the other hand it has been an asset for this digital generation as well. Because the development and boost to this new skill has created many job opportunities for the creative. All in all, be creative, and there will be no more lay-off for you.

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