Microsoft about to launch an intelligent Surface Pen

Microsoft about to launch an intelligent Surface Pen

Microsoft is working on a futuristic and intelligent Surface Pen. The Surface Pen is going to be the biggest achievement for every Microsoft Surface device that we have seen in recent years. It happens to be an area with the greatest innovation.

According to the latest patent released by the company, further work will be continued on the Surface Pen to make it smarter than ever before.

Entitled Stylus for Zero Force Activation, the patent details a system that can improve the Surface Pen’s ability to determine when to switch to inking mode.

According to Mayank Parmer, the new and improved stylus will use a vibrating tip to determine when it makes contact with a surface, and the tip itself will be equipped with enough technology to detect its position and automatically switch to inking mode when necessary.

Mayank Parmer said, “The patented Surface Pen also comes with a capsule that is designed to minimize the motion of the shaft and the shaft runs parallel to the length of the stylus. The tip has two antennas and one is connected to the shaft using a track made of metal material. There’s also a transmitter located in its tip and it can detect the position of the stylus tip, and then quickly switch to inking mode”

In case you don’t know what “inking mode” is, it is worth breaking down the company’s philosophy behind the creation of the Surface Pen. The stylus essentially has two modes of use:

1- The traditional stylus-based operation that imitates the movement of a mouse or track-pad.

2- The inking mode which allows you to bring out your inner artist and use the pen with maximum creativity.

For the company, it is crucial that users view the Surface Pen as a natural tool. Making it like an extra finger, it helps its users by intelligently determining when to switch modes. It not only reduces the delay accompanied with switching but also creates that natural experience for the user of being able to fluidly switch between the traditional and inking modes.

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