UAE and ISRAEL dedicated to use Digital Economy to protect from Pandemics

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DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel are dedicated to benefit from the digital economy incase of possible future pandemics. Both the countries are vowed to protect their peoples and economies in such times.

These opinions were discussed at the “UAE-Israel Future Digital Economy Summit” by the UAE and Israeli experts. The Summit was organized in Dubai as a subsidiary of annual Information Technology Exhibition “GITEX 2020”.

The first formal meeting was held after a long time between the UAE and Israel countries in a summit in Dubai. Both countries’ senior government officials and IT experts joined the conference.

Health professionals and information technology experts from both UAE and Israel shared that the challenging coronavirus pandemic created a jerk in the economies worldwide. They always stated that the crisis from the pandemic created “opportunities”.

The UAE Minister for Digital Economy Omar bin Sultan Al Olama shared his opinions that the year 2020 was full of hardships which also shaked the economies. This year on the positive side created space to accept challenges and gave a chance to utilize the digital economy.

The UAE minister who attended the summit, shared that UAE has already been fortunate enough to benefit from the technology infrastructure for the digital economy.

“In the UAE, our leadership strives for an opportunity in every challenge that comes”, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama highlighted the visionary leadership of UAE.

He further mentioned the positive aspect of the pandemic that it accelerated the growth rate of the UAE’s digital economy. Israel also benefitted from the pandemic as it earned more than $2billion in the health IT sector. This was mentioned by the CEO of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry David Leffler at the summit.

David Leffler said that Israel already dedicated more than 25 years of expertise in health sector, IT, building electronic medical records and big data analysis. The CEO urged for the cooperation between the UAE and Israel to further advance in health and related technologies.

The summit invited many government entities from across the UAE and they cooperated to showcase their digital and smart transformation initiatives. This influenced many nations to accelerate their digital economy and prepare the nation for the next fifty years. The Information Technology Exhibition “GITEX 2020” marked its 40th year this time in which more than 40 countries participated to showcase their advancements in technology.

However, the Pakistan Pavilion did not attend the GITEX 2020 exhibition. Pakistani representatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said that our IT experts could not participate to maintain safety of other people as our country is again struggling with the brutal second wave of coronavirus.

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