UAE reports 705 new Coronavirus cases, one death

UAE reports 705 new Coronavirus cases, one death

The United Arab Emirates reported an increase in the number of new coronavirus cases. The Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 705 new coronavirus cases on Saturday. 494 recoveries have been reported and one death. 82,333 new cases were conducted where 705 people turned out positive for Covid-19.

The tally of total tests conducted in UAE has reached upto 7.4 million in the country. The ministry is aiming at expanding the scope of conducting more coronavirus tests nationwide to make early detection possible and carry out necessary treatments on time.

The UAE ministry has so far conducted the highest number of tests in the world reaching 7.4 million. It is one of first country to reach per million Covid-19 tests. They have also developed massive screening programs to combat the coronavirus cases.  The country is also vigilantly taking all the necessary measures to control the spread of the deadly pandemic and succeeded in it as well.  However, the ministry is imposing SOPs and urge public to cooperate in this regard. People are advised to take necessary measures and follow protocols advised by the government.

According to the authorities, the number of cases showed an increase in the past few days as the people have relaxed and not taking safety precautions by the government seriously.

The UAE ministry has informed that new rules have been updated regarding people visiting capital city and will be implemented from Saturday. The National Emergency and Crisis Department said that residents of UAE need to produce PCR or DPI test from the previous 48 hours. However, the visitors or residents need to show the negative results of their additional PCR tests if they choose to stay beyond six days in Emirates. The restrictions to entry in UAE has been implemented since June 2 to eliminate the spread of this novel pandemic.

The information released that rapid laser test costs Dh50 and the PCR swab is priced at Dh370.

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