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Who Is Leo DiCaprio New Girlfriend? All you need to know about

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Leo DiCaprio is rumored to be dating his new girlfriend Maria Beregova, but the couple has not spoken anything about their relationship yet.

The speculations began after DiCaprio’s four-year relationship with Camila Morrone ended. Leo and Camila recently concluded their four-year relationship; they divorced only months before Camila turned 25. They met almost a decade ago when Morrone was only 12 years old, but they didn’t start dating until much later.

The Oscar winner and the model were photographed together on the Fourth of July. Following that, DiCaprio was seen having dinner with friends in Los Angeles, but the model did not make many public appearances.

Leo and Camila’s split reason has not come to the surface yet as representatives of both the stars have not spoken anything to the press yet. They might have found some difference between them leading to their separation.

Let us learn more about Leo DiCaprio and take a closer look at his new girlfriend and his break-up with former partner Camila Morrone.

Who Is Leo DiCaprio New Girlfriend?

Leo DiCaprio hasn’t said anything about his new relationship or girlfriend.

However, there are internet reports that the Titanic star is dating ex-Russian oligarch Maria Beregova.

DiCaprio, who tends to keep his relationship secret and his profile low-key, has not yet hinted or revealed anything about his new love.

The actor recently split from his four-year girlfriend Camila; the couple was photographed together on June 4 of this year but did not make any public appearances together after that.

With the news of The Wolf of Wall Street’s star circulating on the web, netizens wonder who might he be dating currently. Unfortunately, the media and online publications have not responded to this question because the star has not spoken.

With rumours about The Wolf of Wall Street’s fame circulating on the internet, netizens wonder who he is now seeing. Unfortunately, neither the media nor internet publications have responded to this question because the star has not spoken.


Leo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone pictured together in 2017. ( Source : thesun )

Leo DiCaprio Relationship With Maria Beregova Explored


The rumor might have started after Leo and Maria were spotted entering and leaving a luxurious Yacht party together according to Daily Mail.

While Maria flaunted her beauty with a sleek neck dress, DiCaprio kept his signature low by wearing a plain shirt and a black baseball cap. The two were pictured in St Tropez entering a luxury yacht in July.

Maria is the former wife of Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, a Monaco-based fashion and property mogul. Her former husband is the grandson of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s interior minister Massoud Abdelhafid. He was also considered Gaddafi’s right hand and a walking encyclopedia.

According to Daily Mail, Beregova started using her maiden name just before her voyage to France, she is said to have jetted off to France after her split with her husband. Their divorce was finalized in Monaco and details are unknown.

With a recently broke-up star and divorced model spotted together at a luxurious yacht party, netizens are speculating something might be brewing between them.

Maria, 22 years old, does follow DiCaprio on Instagram but the Great Gatsby star has not followed her back yet. Rumors of a relationship between DiCaprio and Beregova might just be speculations from netizens.


Leo DiCaprio and Maria Beregova pictured leaving a Luxury Yacht party in St. Topez. (Leo is seen in front right while Maria is in back left) ( Source : dailymail )
Why Did Leo DiCaprio Split With Camila Morrone?

Netizens are curious as to why Leo DiCaprio ended his relationship with Camila Morrone.

Neither of the stars has yet commented on their recent split, and their reps have also not spoken to the media about the break-up.

The true reason for DiCaprio and Camila’s split has yet to be revealed, however they may have some disagreements.

Because their breakup occurred just months after Camila celebrated her 25th birthday, people are speculating if this was the cause of the breakup. According to the Daily Mail, DiCaprio is renowned for dating ladies under the age of 25.

The couple, who met when Camila was 12 years old, began dating around the year 2018. Their romance was verified as they sat in the same front row at the 2020 Academy Awards.

Leo and Camila kept their romance primarily hidden from the public eye, however they were seen taking trips and going on romantic dinners on occasion.

Previously, the Titanic star dated Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, Kelly Rohrbach, Nina Agdal, and others.

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