Monday, February 6, 2023

Dollar Rate in Pakistan today 2023 – USD TO PKR Interbank rates

Dollar Rate in Pakistan today’s exchange rate is given below, The Interbank exchange rate is an official rate by the State Bank of Pakistan. US Dollar to PKR buying and selling rates are different in interbank and currency exchange or open market rates.

However, US Dollar to PKR (US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Rate in Pakistan) Today on (06, February 2023) is the inter-bank closing exchange rate according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

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We update the live inter-bank currency rates with competitive travel money exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets.

This US Dollar to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on interbank market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers in Pakistan.

Dollar Rate in Pakistan today 2023

USD to PKR: Check the updated USD TO PKR open market exchange rate. USD to PKR Live rates are updated every hour to give you authenticity.

According to SBP,  Dollar rate in Pakistan today (06, February 2023)

DateUSD  USD (Dollar)pkr.static.40871d6727f4a82f689a7082c2bbae801  PKR (Pakistan Rupees)
05, February 20231 USD275.49 PKR
05, February 20235 USD 1,377.5 PKR
05, February 202310 USD2,754.99 PKR
05, February 202325 USD6,887.48 PKR

Today USD to PKR (Dollar Rate in Pakistan) exchange rate is mentioned above. We timely update the currency rates on our website including USD to PKR to give our visitors a good experience.

Why PKR rate is fluctuating against US Dollar?

Dollar to PKR rate increase or decrease on demand and supply of US Dollar in Pakistan. If the inflow of USD or foreign remittances increases abroad Pakistani, ultimately the value of PKR increase against USD and other currencies.

The dollar (symbol: $) is the name of more than 20 currencies. They include the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, New Zealand dollar, Singapore dollar, New Taiwan dollar, Jamaican dollar, Liberian dollar, Namibian dollar, Brunei dollar, the United States dollar, and several others.

The dollar’s strength is the reason governments are willing to hold the dollar in their foreign exchange reserves. Moreover, Governments get currencies from their international transactions. They also receive them from domestic businesses and travelers who purchase them for local currencies.

Value of Dollar Rate in Pakistan

The Dollar is the official currency of the United State of America and it is also referred to as the USD Dollar. The Dollar Rate is always prestigious as the currency is regarded as one of the strong currencies around the world and is extensively used in trading.

Disclaimer: is neither a currency exchange company nor it is affiliated with any money exchange dealer so we do not offer any type of money transfer or currency trading facility. We maintain accuracy by timely updating Pakistan Open Market Dollar to PKR rates received from authentic sources. We instantly update the currency rates including Dollar rates in USD to PKR to give our visitors a good experience.