Bishop Carlton Pearson Cause of death, By Age of 70

Bishop Carlton Pearson, known for his significant contributions to the preaching circuit and featured in the Netflix movie “Come Sunday,” passed away at the age of 70. This article delves into the cause of his death, his life, and his impact.

Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Cause of Death

On November 19, 2023, Bishop Carlton D’Metrius Pearson passed away peacefully in Tulsa hospice care at the age of 70. The cause of death was attributed to a two-year battle with an infection that developed into cancer, specifically bladder-lining cancer diagnosed in September 2023.

Who was Bishop Carlton Pearson?

Brief Overview of Early Life

Born in San Diego, California, on March 19, 1953, Pearson began his journey in the ministry while attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. Mentored by Oral Roberts himself, he joined the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and later received his license and ordination in the God in Christ Church.

Ministry Life and Achievements

Pearson gained recognition as a rising star in Pentecostal preaching, making appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center, founded in 1981, became one of Tulsa’s largest churches. Pearson hosted a national television preaching show and held significant conferences in stadiums, making him one of the first black ministers to do so.

In 2007, he led a movement advocating for anti-discrimination and anti-hate crime laws for the LGBT community. Despite facing rejection and being labeled a heretic, Pearson continued his ministry, eventually becoming a minister of the United Church of Christ. However, his former church, Higher Dimensions, faced foreclosure, marking a challenging period in his life.

Personal Life

Married to Gina Marie Gauthier in 1993, Pearson and his wife had two children. Unfortunately, they went through a divorce, finalized on October 3, 2019.

Legacy in Media:

The Netflix movie “Come Sunday,” released in April 2018, portrayed Pearson’s life and the Gospel of Inclusion. Directed by Joshua Marston, the film starred Chiwetel Ejiofor as Pearson, shedding light on his journey and convictions.