China in talks with WHO over Covid-19 Vaccine Trials

SINGAPORE: WHO is using unlicensed Covid-19 vaccines and treatments for trials on emergency basis to make them available to the general public. China is in talks with WHO to assess its locally-produced COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines produced in order to expand them for international use, said WHO official on Tuesday.

The locally-developed vaccines used for clinical trials on hundreds and thousands of people putting them on risks. This effort made to control the spread of the pandemic and end it from its inception by producing its clinically approved vaccine.
Socorro Escalate, a WHO coordinator said during an online news conference that ‘China is having preliminary talks with WHO to introduce its Covid-19 vaccines in a list for emergency use.’

The WHO allows unlicensed vaccines and treatments for emergency use to be included in the listing procedure. The vaccines assessed to expedite their availability in public health emergencies. This emergency trial assessment helps WHO member states and UN procurement agencies to evaluate the acceptability of the vaccines. The WHO is conducting trials of vaccines and there is hope that by the end of this year we may have a vaccine. WHO committed to produce a clinically approved vaccine for this global pandemic, as the world needs it on priority basis.

“Potentially through this emergency use listing the quality and safety of these vaccines and efficacy could be assessed…and then this could be made available for our licensees,” Escalante said.

China has produced at least four experimental vaccines which are in the final stage of clinical trials. Two of them developed under state ownership by China National Biotec Group (CNBG). The other two are from Sinovac Biotech and CanSino Biologics.

The trials conducted in countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The volunteers are at high risk and China  paid for the Covid-19 vaccine trials.

In September, the UAE legally approved the use of a CNBG vaccine incase of emergency. It was the first one to receive international emergency clearance of China’s vaccines. This took place within a span of only six weeks of human trials started in the Gulf Arab state. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is also hopeful with China and Russia’s efforts. He said it last month that he would prioritize these countries for global shopping of a vaccine.

It is need of the hour to show unity and use all energy to fight against this virus.