Cat’s Fabulous Prance Has the Internet Obsessed in Viral Video

A video of a cat’s amazing stride went viral on TikTok, delighting the internet.

The video, which was shared on February 7 by user fluffy tail prince, has already received 2.9 million views. The gorgeous kitten struts his way towards the camera, his renowned fluffy tail floating behind him, with the message “when everyone believes you’re a female because of your walk.”

Site for cat advice Fear-Free Happy Homes are defined as follows: “Grace on paws might be used to characterize the feline movement. Cats move and walk in a variety of ways.”


Fluffy, a 2-year-old Ragdoll mix, can be seen prancing around the home in the footage. “When something piques your cat’s attention or he’s on a mission to move from one area to another, he activates this purposeful stride,” Fear Free Happy Homes said.

“Such a prancy little lad!” said one user, “I adore when animals move with a bounce!”

“Everyone believes my male cat is a lady because of the way he walks. He’s my tiny pal, “one user said “That cat does not stroll; he prances with elegance,” another person commented.