Gold Rate in Pakistan Today – 20 December, 2023

Unveiling the Shimmer:

Gold Rate Today: As we step into December 20, 2023, the gold rate in Pakistan gleams at PKR 217,200 per tola for 24 karat gold. Meanwhile, 22 karat gold holds a price tag of PKR 170,696 per 10 grams on this Tuesday, December 19, 2023. These prices are derived from reliable sources like the Sarafa Jewelers Association and the International Gold Market, offering transparency and accuracy. Let’s delve into the details and explore the journey of gold prices over the last 10 days.

Gold Weight, Purity, and Today’s Rates

Gold Weight Gold Purity Rate Today (PKR)
10 Grams 24K Rs. 186,214
1 Tola 24K Rs. 217,200
10 Grams 22K Rs. 170,697
1 Tola 22K Rs. 199,152

International Gold Rates

Gold 24K Ounce: $2045

Visualizing the Gold Rate Trends

24K Gold Rate in Pakistan Graph: A visual representation of the gold rates over the last 10 days offers insights into the dynamic nature of this precious metal’s pricing.

Gold Price Today in Major Cities of Pakistan

City Gold 24K per Tola Gold 22K per Tola
Karachi Rs. 217,200 Rs. 199,151
Islamabad Rs. 217,200 Rs. 199,151
Lahore Rs. 217,200 Rs. 199,151
Multan Rs. 217,200 Rs. 199,151
Peshawar Rs. 217,200 Rs. 199,151

Gold Rate in Pakistan for the Last 10 Days

Date Gold 24K per Tola Gold 22K per 10 Gram
Dec 19, 2023 Rs. 217,200 Rs. 170,696
Dec 18, 2023 Rs. 218,900 Rs. 172,032

Today’s Gold Price in Pakistan

As of today, December 19, 2023: The gold price in Pakistan stands at Rs. 217,200 for 24K per tola.

The Allure of Gold

Gold in Our Culture: Gold, synonymous with purity and opulence, is a staple in our subcontinent’s culture, especially during wedding seasons. For those considering gold jewelry, understanding the latest gold rate in Pakistan today based on its purity (18, 20, 22, or 24 carats) is crucial.

Gold’s Role in Pakistan

A Precious Commodity: In the realm of 24 Carat Gold rate in Pakistan today, gold is valued at Rs. 217,200 for 1 tola on December 19, 2023. While many women in Pakistan adorn themselves with gold accessories, others view it as a viable investment. The price of gold is influenced by the London Bullion Market and occasionally the IMF, holding the authority to set gold standards and prices.

Fluctuations and Economic Realities

Unpredictability of Gold Rates: Gold rates are not fixed and fluctuate due to various factors. In Pakistan, the Gold Rate is often at a higher level, attributed to the lower value of the Pakistani Rupee compared to other world currencies. Examining Gold Price Pakistan History reveals a lack of stability, marked by economic crises and severe inflation.

In conclusion, the journey of gold rates in Pakistan is a dynamic one, reflecting economic realities and global influences. Whether cherished for its cultural significance or chosen as a strategic investment, gold continues to captivate the hearts and minds of many in Pakistan