Gold Rate in Pakistan Today – 21 December, 2023

Embark on a journey to discover the enchanting world of gold as we explore the gold rates in Pakistan on December 21, 2023. This valuable information will be your guide to understanding the current gold prices, offering insights that go beyond the glimmer.

Insight into Gold Weights and Purity

Let’s dive into the specifics of gold rates based on different weights and purities, bringing clarity to the world of gold transactions:

Gold Weight Gold Purity Rate Today (PKR)
10 Grams 24K Rs. 186,557
1 Tola 24K Rs. 217,600
10 Grams 22K Rs. 171,011
1 Tola 22K Rs. 199,519
10 Grams 21K Rs. 163,238
1 Tola 21K Rs. 190,449
10 Grams 20K Rs. 155,465
1 Tola 20K Rs. 181,380
10 Grams 18K Rs. 139,918
1 Tola 18K Rs. 163,242

International Gold Rates and Market Trends

To comprehend the bigger picture, let’s explore the international gold rates. The gold rate for 24K gold per ounce is $2035. This global perspective allows us to gauge the trends influencing gold prices.

 Navigating Gold Prices in Major Pakistani Cities

Explore the gold rates in major cities across Pakistan, where the glittering commodity holds a special place:

City Gold 24K per Tola (PKR) Gold 22K per Tola (PKR)
Karachi Rs. 217,600 Rs. 199,518
Islamabad Rs. 217,600 Rs. 199,518
Lahore Rs. 217,600 Rs. 199,518
Multan Rs. 217,600 Rs. 199,518
Peshawar Rs. 217,600 Rs. 199,518

A Glimpse into the Last 10 Days

For a historical perspective, let’s reflect on the gold rates in Pakistan over the last 10 days:

Date Gold 24K per Tola (PKR) Gold 22K per 10 Grams (PKR)
Dec 20, 23 Rs. 217,600 Rs. 171,011
Dec 19, 23 Rs. 217,200 Rs. 170,696
Dec 18, 23 Rs. 218,900 Rs. 172,032
Dec 17, 23 Rs. 218,900 Rs. 172,032
Dec 16, 23 Rs. 218,900 Rs. 172,032
Dec 15, 23 Rs. 217,300 Rs. 170,775
Dec 14, 23 Rs. 215,300 Rs. 169,203
Dec 13, 23 Rs. 213,600 Rs. 167,867
Dec 12, 23 Rs. 215,400 Rs. 169,282
Dec 11, 23 Rs. 216,300 Rs. 169,989

The Essence of Gold in Pakistan

As of December 20, 2023, the gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 217,600 for 24K gold per tola. Gold, synonymous with purity and luxury, is deeply ingrained in the subcontinent’s culture, particularly during wedding seasons. For those planning to craft gold jewelry, understanding the latest gold rates in Pakistan by purity‚ÄĒbe it 18, 20, 22, or 24 carats‚ÄĒis crucial.

Unveiling the Dynamics of Gold in Pakistan

In the realm of 24-carat gold rates in Pakistan today, the price stands at Rs. 217,600 for 1 tola. The widespread use of gold in Pakistan spans accessories and investments. However, the journey of gold prices is far from static; it fluctuates due to various factors. Pakistan, with its unique economic landscape, experiences these fluctuations, reflecting the country’s economic highs and lows.

In conclusion, the story of gold in Pakistan is more than just numbers; it’s a tale of tradition, beauty, and economic intricacies. Stay tuned for the ever-evolving chapter of gold rates, as it continues to weave into the fabric of Pakistan’s cultural and economic tapestry.