Gold Rates in Pakistan February 24, 2024: Check Latest Rates

In recent developments within Pakistan’s local market, there’s been a noticeable increase in gold prices, mirroring the upward movement seen on the international front. The Sarafa Association has reported a significant hike in the cost of gold per tola, marking a rise of Rs1,000 to touch the figure of Rs215,100. Similarly, the cost for 10 grams of gold has seen an increase of Rs858, bringing it up to Rs184,414.

Globally, the value of gold has also experienced an uptick, with a $16 increase setting the price at $2,056. This follows a trend from the previous day when the price for a tola of 24-karat gold in the local market escalated by Rs100, reaching Rs215,300, and the 10-gram gold price advanced by Rs85 to Rs184,585.

On the other hand, the rates for silver have shown stability in the market, remaining at Rs2,570 per tola and Rs2,203.36 per 10 grams. This consistency in silver prices contrasts with the dynamic shifts observed in the gold market.

Gold and Silver Rates in Pakistan

Metal Unit New Price (PKR)
Gold (Per Tola) 1 Tola 215,100
Gold (10 Grams) 10 Grams 184,414
Silver (Per Tola) 1 Tola 2,570
Silver (10 Grams) 10 Grams 2,203.36

As the global and local factors continue to influence the precious metals market, staying informed about the latest price changes is crucial for potential buyers and investors. The recent rise in gold prices in Pakistan highlights the fluid nature of the market, influenced by various economic factors worldwide.