Google Valentine’s Day is celebrating with two hamsters that are infatuated

Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle features two lovely hamsters who must be reunited in a 3-D interactive doodle.

Users may put construct a labyrinth for the love-struck hamsters so that they can meet after an untimely sneeze separates them. The doodle’s concept is based on how “love strikes you by surprise.” “It may be full of twists and turns, yet it can still bring the globe closer together (no matter the species) through all of its ups and downs,” according to a Google description.

With its interactive doodles throughout the years, Google has explored the theme of love across species, whether via the cosmic love of aliens on spaceships in 2020 or a newly discovered romance between animals on Ferris wheels in 2013.

Valentine’s Day is on Monday, February 14th. Many people think the custom dates back to Lupercalia, a Roman fertility celebration. Gifts, cards, chocolates, and intricate preparations are exchanged by couples all around the world on Valentine’s Day.