Murder Attempt on Religious Scholar Eng. Muhammad Ali Mirza

Murder Attempt on Famous Religious Scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza

According to the resources, Muhammad Ali Mirza is safe and sound.

Attacker who made assassination attempt on life of Engr. Ali has been caught & handed to police. He claimed his reason for attack was that he believes Engr. Ali is an Ahmadi.

‏”نا میں وابی نا میں بابی میں ہوں مسلم علمی کتابی”

Reportedly, it was the third assassination attempt that Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has survived.

He is a straightforward and blunt speaker who speaks against sects logically. He has a huge fan following on youtube and Facebook.

Murder Attempt on Muhammad Ali Mirza

Moreover, Muhammad Ali Mirza is a YouTuber and normally shares detailed lectures on his youtube channel.