Nasa releases information on ‘pepperoni’ storms around Jupiter, and the video goes viral

For anyone interested in researching space-related stuff, Nasa’s Instagram feed is a gold mine. The space agency often publishes photos of the grandeur of the universe beyond our Blue Planet. In addition, their postings are instructive. Like this one about Jupiter, which also has a pepperoni connection.

To commemorate National Pizza Day, asa posted the post two days ago. “Isn’t it time for Interplanetary Pizza Day? Our Juno spacecraft saw “pepperoni” storms above Jupiter “they penned

“Here are some more spicy specifics about what you’re seeing: This is an image of Jupiter’s North Pole taken in infrared light. “Imagery obtained from data acquired by our @NASASolarSystem spacecraft Juno’s Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM) instrument is used in the film,” they said. They went on to explain more about the incident in the following lines.

Take a look at Nasa’s pepperoni-themed Jupiter viral video, which was uploaded on Instagram:



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The post has had over one million views since it was shared, and the numbers are still rising. People have left a variety of remarks in response to the sharing.

“It’s also hot and spicy,” one Instagram user said. “This is ingenious.” “I see what you did there,” another said. “Nice,” said a third person. Many others also used fire emojis to express their feelings.