Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Update on Trials is 90% effective

Dr. Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s C.E.O. announced that his coronavirus vaccine is showing more than 90% positive results on trials. He shared on Monday that upon its early vaccine trials, vaccine was found incredibly effective in curing the Covid-19.

The world is anxiously waiting for a positive response in terms of the development of vaccine as the pandemic has killed almost 1.2 million people. Pfizer worked with German drug maker BioNTech, concluded that the vaccine was tested on volunteers who had no symbols of coronavirus and analyzed that the vaccine is more than 90% effective. The vaccine is also effective for measles if the results sustain.

Pfizer is determined to produce 15 to 20million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to immunize maximum number of people. Pfizer worked on the vaccine in contact with the ex-president Trump but the news of the vaccine just came few days after the victory announcement of Joe Biden.

Other global scientists are worried about the early hyping of the long-term results and efficacy as no one knows how long it will last. But, the drug maker Pfizer is confident after its positive response from late-stage trials bringing it to the world. The pandemic has been globally affecting people since January and spread exponentially. It alarmed the whole world.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine still has 11 vaccines in the late-stage of trials with four in US. Doctors are impressed with the performance and they are hoping it sustains for long-term.

Dr. Saad B. Omer, the director of Global Health at the Yale Institute said if this vaccine continues with this efficacy, it would be available more than your regular flu vaccine. This vaccine could also bring serious impact on bending the curve of this global pandemic .

Dr. Jansen said that because vaccine is in trial phase, an independent board administrating the data has not informed her company about the details, as if any person developed any sort of Covid-19 symptoms.

The experts opinion is that the world will need many treatments and vaccines to end this pandemic.