Russia-Ukraine war updates: Around 120,000 people are trapped in Mariupol, which is under siege

Around 120,000 people are still stranded in Mariupol, Donetsk area, which is under siege. According to a Ukrinform journalist, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated this at a joint press conference with European Council President Charles Michel in Kyiv on Wednesday.

“In the Donbas, Russian troops have launched a large-scale onslaught. That is something we are aware of. We can see all of the dangers and all of the steps. They are continuing to launch missile strikes across the United States. Approximately 120,000 people are under siege in Mariupol alone, according to our data. There are many more heinous acts perpetrated there than in Borodianka “he stated

Simultaneously, he expressed confidence that, by working together, Ukraine and Europe will be able to bring all offenders to justice. Zelensky stated that he and Michel had agreed to collaborate in the investigation of Russian military war crimes.

Mariupol, a city in the Donetsk region, is still home to some 120,000 people who have been trapped by the ongoing siege. President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine reportedly mentioned this during a news conference on Wednesday in Kyiv with President Charles Michel of the European Council, according to a journalist from Ukrinform.