Snapchat is now available on desktop for the first time

Snapchat has never been available outside of smartphones, despite the fact that all of its competitors have had online versions for years. But that is changing today, as Snapchat has released a web version for all users.

Snapchat for Web allows you to connect into your account, chat with your friends, and even call them from your computer. Snapchat Plus members will get early access to it. Snapchat Plus, for those who are unfamiliar, is a newly introduced premium tier for Snapchat that provides access to unique features such as the Story Watch Indicator, custom themes, icons, and more.

The disadvantage of Snapchat for Web is that it only works with Google Chrome and does not support Apple’s Safari browser. It will also function with other Chromium-powered browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and many more.

Although Snapchat was designed to be a smartphone app, the company’s product director Nathan Boyd believes that an online version makes sense since people use computers regularly. The online app simply allows you to text and phone, but Snapchat wants to add AR lenses and other features in the future.

Now that Snapchat has joined the desktop market, it will face competition from the likes of Discord and WhatsApp, and it will be interesting to watch how well it does.

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