WhatsApp Alerts Users Against Using Modified or Fake Versions

According to Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, using phoney or altered versions of the app may be risky and destructive. Through a thorough discussion on Twitter, the CEO has cautioned users against using alternative versions of the software.

Using unauthorised chat messengers is “never a smart idea,” according to Cathcart. Although they seem innocent, these applications could circumvent WhatsApp’s privacy and security safeguards.

He said that his security team had just found several phoney WhatsApp apps on the Google Play Store. HeyMods is the company behind this fake software, which goes under the name “Hey WhatsApp.” It makes claims about new features but is really just a way to get your personal information.


The team collaborated with Google to tackle fraudulent applications after sharing their results with the search engine behemoth. Fortunately, Google Play Protect on Android now assists in securing your device against phoney WhatsApp updates and will do so in the future.

The CEO continues by saying that the security community has always worked hard to stop the spread of mobile malware, which is a concern that has to be addressed.

Additionally, he advised WhatsApp users to discourage their loved ones from using phoney WhatsApp versions. Only reputable websites like the Google Play Store and WhatsApp’s official website should be used to download the programme.

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