Who is Adil Raja? Major (r) Adil Raja responds to the backlash

Who is Adil Raja?

Adil Raja is a military conflict vet of Pakistan with more than 19 years of varied experience in field security duties, political/security analysis, and management consulting on critical problems relating to conflict management, political administration, as well as intelligence-based anti-terrorist operations, and DE-radicalization drives.

He also claims to be the owner of a number of web pages dealing with current events and international relations. In addition, she maintains a personal blog. He also made television appearances as a geopolitical expert.


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The ex-army general has also been openly contemptuous of the new leadership, particularly the Sharif family, and has periodically called them out for suspected corruption.

According to a Dawn article from April last year, Adil Raja, who had apparently gone missing from Islamabad, had “safely” reached his family in the United Kingdom.

Major (r) Adil Raja responds to the backlash

Previous military officer and YouTuber Adil Raja has responded to actors’ anger after his first tape went popular in which he made various remarks against the former senior leaders of the Pakistan Army.

Raja, who lives in self-exile in the United Kingdom, claimed his footage caused an unpleasant frenzy on social media. Raja began by criticizing the haters and smear campaigns that came in after his initial tape went popular.

As the tape went, Adil cited a source, which he presented as a former military commander, who urged him to be careful of legal processes in Britain as strong quarters arrive with ‘Plan B’, in another move to stifle the opposing voice.


Without being deterred by the prior legal tussles, Raja identified an incumbent intelligence officer who initiated a slander campaign against him in the UK.

Delving into specifics about his vlog that becomes the talk of the town, Major (r) Adil pointed out that the trolls on social media and slander campaigns try to deflect attention from the real problem – that is entertainment personalities being exploited as ‘honey traps’ by the system.

The self-acclaimed geo-political analyst claimed to be a ‘champion of women’s rights’, stating he always fought such tendencies, and this time it’s his adversaries’ ploy to discredit him for being the pain in their flesh.

Addressing the outrage and furious response from the Hollywood fraternity, he added “I have not specified any name, rather use initials.” Narrating Kubra’s rejoinder and warning regarding a defamation suit, he called out the Ehd-e-Wafa singer for flinging the threat over ‘leaked tapes’.

“What leaked videos are you are talking about,” he said, adding that he never referenced any leaked footage.

Raja then rebuked Kubra, stating he never stated her name, and she plainly held him accountable for the incident. He then brought up Kubra’s post in which he urged the YouTuber to produce proof regarding the accusations, and in return cross-questioned the actor to share evidence where he identified her in the popular video.

Raja, who appears agitated in the middle of the footage, then questioned about his supposed comment on which the actor requested an answer within three days. Justifying his position of utilising initials, he then called on Kubra to establish that initials represented her name.

He continued alleging that it was Kubra who defamed him. Taking a joke at her, Raja then encouraged her to travel to the UK for a defamation action. ‘So Bismillah’ (Bring it on), he can be heard saying.