Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020 results list: PTI wins 10 seats

Gilgit Baltistan has 24 constituencies and its assembly has 33 seats. A total of 330 candidates are contesting 24 seats. Of the remaining seats, six are reserved for women and three for technocrats.


GBLA-1 (Gilgit-I)

PPP’s Amjad Hussain has won the election after securing 11,178 votes, according to the unofficial and unverified results. He was followed by independent candidate Sultan Rais who received 8,356 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PPP’s Amjad Hussain- 11,178
  • IND Sultan Rais- 8,356
  • PTI’s Johar Ali- 403
  • PML-N’s Jafarullah Khan
  • ITP’s Syed Mustafa Shah
  • PML-Q’s Tariq Hussain

GBLA-2 (Gilgit-II)

PTI’s Fateullah Khan emerged victorious after bagging 6,848 votes. PPP’s Jameed Ahmed came in second after losing four votes.

The PPP has challenged the results and is currently staging a sit-in in the constituency. PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari attended the protest too.

The voter turnout was 60% and 24,661 people cast their votes at 73 polling stations.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Fatehullah Khan-6,698
  • PPP’s Jameel Ahmed- 6,694
  • PML-N Hafeezur Rehman-5,723
  • PML-Q’s Nasir Mir- 1,500
  • JUI’s Muhammad Mujahid-3
  • GBQM’s Abdul Wahid-1
  • JIP’s Habib Ur Rehman- 833
  • PAL’s Khalid Naveed- 140
  • ITP’s Faqir Shah-494
  • MQM’s Tariq Hussain-15
  • IND Ashfaq Ahmed- 794
  • IND Amin Sher Khan- 121
  • IND Aurangzaib- 4
  • IND Jibran Rasheed- 40
  • IND Shahid Hussain-140
  • IND Shabbir Alam-4
  • IND Shoaib Kamal-13
  • IND Abdul Khaliq-8
  • IND Abdul Latif- 30
  • IND Fida Hussain-280
  • IND Kousar Hussain-8
  • IND Ghulab Shah-1,289
  • IND Liaqat Ali Khan-3
  • IND Muhammad Nazeem Khan-10


GBLA-3 (Gilgit-III)- Elections postponed

The election has been postponed in GBLA-3 after one candidate, Justice (retd) Syed Jaffar Shah, died of the novel coronavirus on October 10.

Shah was contesting on the PTI’s ticket. After his death, PML-N candidate Dr Iqbal switched loyalties and joined the ruling party.

The election will be held at a later date.


GBLA-4 (Nagar-I)

PPP’s Amjad Hussain clinched victory after receiving 4,176 votes. Islami Tehreek Pakistan’s Muhammad Ayub came in second with 4,291 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PPP’s Amjad Hussain- 4,716   
  • ITP’s Muhammad Ayub-4,291
  • PTI’s Zulfiqar Ali-2,200
  • Arif Hussain (PML-N)
  • Rizwan Ali (MWM)


GBLA-5 (Nagar-II)

Javed Ali Manwa, an independent candidate, won the elections after securing 2,570 votes. Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen’s Rizwan Ali came in second with 1,850 votes.

List of candidates:

  • IND Javed Ali Manwa- 2,570
  • MWM’s Rizwan Ali- 1,850
  • PML-N’s Sajjad Hussain
  • PPP’s Mirza Hussain
  • PML-Q’s Abid Hussain
  • APML’s Muhammad Essa


GBLA-6 (Hunza-I)

Colonel (retd) Abaid Ullah Baig, who belongs to the PTI, won after receiving 6,600 votes. Independent candidate Noor Muhammad came in second with 4,584 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Abaid Ullah Baig- 6,600
  • IND Noor Muhammad- 4,586
  • PPP’s Zahoor Kareen- 1,065


GBLA-7 (Skardu-I)

PTI’s Muhammad Zakeria Maqpoon has won the election in GBLA-7 Skardu-1 by bagging 5290 votes, unofficial and unverified results from all polling stations suggest.

He was followed by former GB chief minister Syed Mehdi Shah who secured 4,114 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Muhammad Zakeria Maqpoon- 5,290
  • PPP’s Syed Mehdi Shah- 4,114
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Akbar Khan

All the women in Haji Gaam village have voted. There were 350 registered women voters and 100% voter turnout.


GBLA-8 (Skardu-II)

Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’s Meesam Kazim has won the election in GBLA-8 Skardu-II by bagging 7,842 votes. Peoples Party’s Muhammad Ali Shah stands runner-up with 6,904 votes.

There were 55 polling stations and 39,567 voters were registered. At least 22,182 votes were counted and the turnout was recorded at 58.42%

List of candidates:

  • MWM’s Meesam Kazim- 7,842
  • PPP’s Muhammad Ali Shah- 6,904
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Saeed- 1,835
  • ITP’s Muhammad Shabbir- 1,834
  • IND Ahmed Khan- 35
  • IND Imtiaz Haider- 3,012
  • IND Sher Ali Saeedi- 371
  • IND Muhammad Afzal- 101
  • APML-Manzoor Hussain-248


GBLA-9 (Skardu-III)

Wazi Muhammad Saleem, an independent candidate, is leading after securing 6,286 votes. PTI’s Fida Muhammad Nashad is trailing with 5,187 votes.

The polling stations haven’t been able to submit the official vote count as many roads have been blocked because of snowfall.

List of candidates:

  • IND Wazir Muhammad Saleem (IND)- 6,286
  • PTI’s Fida Muhammad Nashad- 5,187
  • PPP’s Wazir Waqar Ali
  • IND Manzoor Ahmed


GBLA-10 (Skardu-IV)

Independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan won the election after bagging 4,811 votes. He defeated PTI’s Wazir Hassan who received 3,439 votes.

The total number of registered voters in the constituency is 26,839, of which 17,702 votes were counted. The turnout was 69.96%.

List of candidates:

  • IND Raja Nasir Ali Khan-4,811
  • PTI’s Wazir Hassan- 3439
  • PML-N’s Ghulam Abbas- 695
  • PPP’s Muhammad Khan Wazir- 2,206
  • ITP’s Muhammad Sikander Ali-1,398
  • MWW’s Mushtaq Hussain-2,021
  • PML-Q’s Wazir Ishaq-139
  • IND Najaf Ali-2,416
  • IND Basharat Hussain- 132
  • IND Syed Yaseen Shah-434
  • IND Manzoor Hussain-11


GBLA-11 (Kharmang)

PTI’s Syed Amjad Ali won the GBLA-11 constituency after securing 5,733 votes. Independent candidate Syed Muhsin Rizvi came in second with 2,016 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Syed Amjad Ali- 5,733
  • IND Syed Muhsin Rizvi- 2,016
  • Shabbir Hussain
  • PPP’s Niaz Ali
  • ITP’s Muhammad Ali Khan
  • IND Muhammad Qasim
  • IND Iqbal Hussain
  • IND Shujaat Hussain
  • IND Ghulam Muhammad
  • IND Mehboob Ali


GBLA-12 (Shigar)

PTI’s Raja Azam Khan won the election after bagging 7,534 votes. PPP’s Imran Nadeem came in second with 7,146 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Raja Muhammad Azam Khan- 7,534
  • PPP’s Imran Nadeem- 7,146
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Tahir Shigri- 673
  • PML-Q’s Muhammad Hassan-


GBLA-13 (Astore-I)

PTI’s Muhammad Khalid Khurshid Khan won the election after securing 4,836 votes. PPP’s Abdul Hameed Khan came in second with 3,117 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Muhammad Khalid Khurshid Khan- 4,836
  • PML-N’s Rana Farman Ali- 2,192
  • PPP’s Abdul Hamid Khan- 3,117
  • JI Abdul Rehman
  • IND Eijaz Ahmed
  • IND Rana Muhammad Aflatoon
  • IND Abdul Rehman
  • IND Ghulam Akbar
  • IND Dr Ghulam Abbas
  • IND Muhammad Shafi
  • IND Muhammad Munawer Lone
  • IND Naseem Shah


GBLA-14 (Astore-II)

PTI’s Shamsul Haq Lone won the seat after receiving 5,354 votes. PPP’s Muzaffar Ali was the runner up with 3,473 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Shamsul Haq Lone- 5,354
  • PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Farooq- 3,009
  • PPP’s Muzaffar Ali- 3,473
  • PSP’s Mehfooz Rehman
  • JI’s Neematullah Khan


GBLA-15 (Diamer-I)

Independent candidate Shah Baig won the seat after receiving 2,713 votes. Another independent candidate Muhammad Dilpazir came in second with 2,309 votes.

List of candidates:

  • IND Shah Baig- 2,713
  • IND Muhammad Dilpazir0 2,309
  • PTI’s Noshad Alam
  • PML-N’s Abdul Wajid
  • PPP’s Bashir Ahamed
  • PML-Q’s Ashiqullah
  • MQM-P’s Abdul Baqi
  • JUI’s Waliur Rehman


GBLA-16 (Diamer-II)

PML-N’s Muhammad Anwar secured 4,813 votes after which he was declared victorious.

Independent candidate Attaullah came in second with 2,576 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PML-N’s Muhammad Anwar-4,813
  • IND Attaullah- 2,576
  • PTI’s Atiqullah
  • PPP’s Haji Dilbar Khan
  • JUI-P’s Saifullah
  • PML-Q’s Abdul Aziz
  • IND Attaullah
  • IND Muhammad Mera Jan


GBLA-17 (Diamer-III)

PTI’s Haider Khan won the seat with 5,389 votes, JUI’s Rehman Khaliq secured 5,162 votes and PPP’s Ghafar Khan came third with 423 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Haider Khan- 5,389
  • PML-N’s Saddar Alam
  • PPP’s Abdul Ghafar Khan-423
  • JUI-P’s Rehmat Khaliq- 5,126
  • IND Muhammad Zaman
  • IND Mehboobur Rehman
  • IND Abdul Khaliq
  • IND Abdul Bar
  • IND Muhammad Shoaib
  • IND Naimat Wali
  • IND Haji Kaman Khan


GBLA-18 (Diamer-IV)

PTI’s Gul Bar Khan won the seat after bagging 6,793 votes while independent candidate Malik Kifayatur Rehman received 5,986 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Gul Bar Khan- 6,793
  • IND Malik Kifayatur Rehman-5,986
  • PPP’s Sadia Danish
  • PML-Q’s Mehar Dad
  • JUI’s Abdur Rasheed (JUI-P)
  • IND Abdul Sattar
  • IND Malik Shifayatur Rehman
  • IND Pachdar


GBLA-19 (Ghizer-I)

Independent candidate Nawaz Khan clinched victory in the constituency after receiving 6,208 votes.

List of candidates:

  • IND Nawaz Khan-6,208
  • PTI’s Zaffar Muhammad
  • PML-N’s Atif Salman
  • PPP’s Pir Jalal Ali Shah- 4,967
  • BP’s Asghar Khan
  • JUI’s Sher Ameen
  • PML-Q’s Sohail Ahmed
  • IND Ajab Khan
  • IND Nawaz Khan
  • PRHP’s Mehboobullah


GBLA-20 (Ghizer-II)

Nazir Ahmed, who was contesting on PTI’s ticket, clinched the seat after securing 5,592 votes. PML-Q’s Khan Akbar Khan came in second with 3,815 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PTI’s Nazir Ahmed- 5,592
  • PML-Q’s Khan Akbar Khan-3,815
  • PML-N Muhammad Nazar Khan
  • PPP’s Ali Madad Sher
  • JUI-P’s Abdul Khaliq
  • IND Sher Faraz
  • IND Fida Khan
  • IND Shehnaz Bhutto
  • IND Sherjahan Khan
  • IND Sher Faraz
  • IND Safdar Ali Sherazi
  • IND Attaur Rehman


GBLA-21 (Ghizer-III)

PML-N’s Ghulam Muhammad emerged victorious after bagging 4,334 votes, while PPP’s Muhammad Ayub Shah came in second with 3,430 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PML-N’s Ghulam Muhammad- 4,334
  • PPP’s Muhammad Ayub Shah- 3,430
  • PTI’s Jehan Zaib
  • Javaid Iqbal (IND)
  • Gohar Shah (IND)
  • Jamsheed Khan (APML)
  • Tajwar Hussain (GB Qoumi Movement)


GBLA-22 (Ghanche-I)

Independent candidate Mustaq Hussain won the constituency after bagging 6,051 votes. PTI’s Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai can in second with 4,945 votes.

List of candidates:

  • IND Mustaq Hussain- 6,051
  • PTI’s Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai- 4,945
  • PML-N’s Razaul Haq
  • PPP’s Muhammad Jaffar
  • JUI-P’s Gulam Nabi
  • IND Ibrahim
  • IND Javed Akhter
  • IND Rehmatullah
  • IND Syed Nazar Abbas Kazmi
  • IND Muhammad Akhter Khan


GBLA-23 (Ghanche-II)

Abdul Hameed, an independent candidate, won the constituency after securing 3,666 votes. PTI’s Amina Ansari came in second with 3,296 votes.

Independent candidate Abdul Hameed emerged victorious in GBA-23 election with 3,666 votes. His oponent PTI’s Amina Bibi bagged 3,296 votes, securing the second position.

List of candidates:

  • IND Abdul Hameed- 3,666
  • PTI’s Amina Ansari- 3,296
  • PML-N’s Ghulam Hussain
  • PPP’s Ghulam Ali Haidary
  • PSP’s Ghulam Ali
  • PML-Q’s Mumtaz Ali Yaqvi
  • JUI-P’s Wilayat Ali


GBLA-24 (Ghanche-III)

PPP’s Muhammad Ismail has won the GBLA-24 Ghanche-III election by bagging 6,206 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results from all polling stations.

Ismail was followed by PTI’s Syed Shamsuddin who secured 5361 votes.

List of candidates:

  • PPP’s Muhammad Ismail (PPP) – 6,206
  • PTI’s Syed Shamsuddin (PTI) – 5,361
  • PML-N’s Manzoor Hussain
  • PML-Q’s Muhammad Ibrahim Tabbasum
  • IND Abideen Rahi