PSL 7 Prize Money: Prize Money for the Final Winner and Runner-Up in the PSL 2022

PSL 2022 Prize Money in Pakistani Rupees For Final Winner and Runner-Up

Between January 27 and February 27, 2022, the Pakistan Super League will commence. The event was initially set for March, but it was moved to coincide with Australia’s visit to Pakistan.

It is excellent news for cricket in general since it will help to develop the game in the nation. The news is fantastic for all league followers. This year, PCA intends to increase its prize fund. As a result, they’ve increased the overall prize pool to $3.5 million.

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Prize Money for PSL 2022 may be found here.

Prize Money

Pakistani Rupees & Dollars For Final Winner and Runner-Up

Standing Prize Money in PKR Prize Money in US Dollar Change in Purse
Winner 90 Million PKR
(PKR 8.82 Crores)
$500K N/A
Runner-up 40 Million PKR
(PKR 3.50 Crores)
$200K 5% Increased
3rd Place 15.5 Million PKR
(PKR 1.34 Crores)
$76K 5% Decreased
4th Place 9.9 Million PKR
(PKR 77 Lakhs)
$44K N/A
Player of the Match or
Man of the Match
8 Lakh PKR $4.5K N/A
Player of the Tournament 13.7 Million PKR
(PKR 35 Lakhs)
$20K N/A
Leading Runs Scorer (PKR 35 Lakhs) $20K N/A
Leading Runs Scorer (PKR 35 Lakhs) $20K N/A
Total Prize Money 130 Million PKR 705000 12% Increased

The PSL 2021 competition had a total prize pool of 112 million Pakistani rupees. PSL 2021’s winner got 80 million PKR, while the runner-up received 35 million PKR.

The entire prize pool for the PSL 2022 has been increased from 112 to 130 million Pakistani rupees. There has also been an increase in the winner’s prize portion. If the PSL 2022 wins, they will get a reward of 90 million Pakistani rupees.

The prize money for PSL 2021 has been revealed by the PCB. The prize budget for the Pakistan Super League has been expanded in order to accommodate all players and supporters. On February 27, the Pakistan Super League will begin its sixth season (PSL 2021).

Here’s all you need to know about the prize money for the PSL 2022 Final Winner and Runner-Up.