Data Engineer Shafiqa Iqbal Biography, Age, Family and Education

Who is Shafiqa Iqbal?

A data engineer from Pakistan named Shafiqa Iqbal works for Google in Poland. She has had positions with some of the most well-known businesses, including LinkedIn. She also worked as a top seller at Upwork while serving as Pakistan’s Global Ambassador for Women in Technology. Out of 1300 workers, she is the only one from Pakistan in the Google office in Warsaw.

So let’s talk about the life, age, and education of Shafiqa Iqbal.


She is 24 years old. She was born in Sadiqabad, Punjab, Pakistan.


After finishing her primary education in Sadiqabad, she joined Lahore’s University of the Punjab. In addition to her profession as a data engineer, she works in open source initiatives, such as blogging about the topic, which is now blooming throughout the globe.


Pakistani data engineer Shafiqa Iqbal is presently employed by Google in Poland as a data engineer. She presently works as a data engineer in Lahore, Pakistan; her hometown is Sadiqabad in the province of Punjab. Almost 2.5 years into her career, Google contacted her through LinkedIn.

As a Data Engineer, Shafiqa got employed by Google via Linkedin. She is now employed at the Warsaw, Poland, location of Google.

She also has expertise in logical programming, backend development, ETL pipelines, cloud solutions, and database migration. She created scalable and dispersed solutions for international corporations during her career.


She is from a Muslim family that resides in Punjab, Pakistan’s Sadiqabad. The ideals and beliefs of real religion are shown through Shafiqa’s family. She likes to travel, play games, and spend time with her family in her leisure time.


In an interview with GanjiSwag, aka Junaid Akram, she talks about her work as well as her professional and personal life.